Public Announcement

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process of Supertech Limited

RESOLUTION PROCESS UNDER IBC, 2016(On 25th March,2022, Hitesh Goel was appointed interim resolution professional of Supertech Limited. The affairs, business and property of the company are being managed by the IRP who contracts as agent of the company and without personal liability.)

  1. Financial Statement FY 2021
  2. Copy of Form G (English Version) 28-07-2023
  3. Copy of Form G (Hindi Version) 28-07-2023
  4. Latest Available Financial Statements of Corporate Debtor
  5. Detailed EOI 28-07-2023
  6. Relevant Dates for subsequent events of the Process 28-07-2023
  7. Status Update Report of Eco Village-II, dated 13.07.2023
  8. Recent update and development in Supertech Limited
  9. Creditor List as on 1st May 2023, for project EV II
  10. Creditor List dated 31st January 2023
  11. Creditor list as on 5th January, 2023
  12. Creditor List EV-II as on 4th Nov 2022
  13. Supertech EV-II Final list of PRAs
  14. Provisional list of PRA (Eco Village - II)
  15. Supertech EV-II Corrigendum to Detailed EOI
  16. Supertech EV-II Revised Form-G
  17. Creditor list as on 7th September 2022
  18. Supertech EV II Detailed EOI
  19. Supertech EV II Form G
  20. NCLT order for Appointment of Mr. Sanjeet Kumar Sharma as AR of EV- II Home buyers
  21. 1st CoC Constitution Eco Village II
  22. Hon’ble NCLAT Interim order dated 10.06.2022
  23. Supertech Limited is under Insolvency under IBC,2016 as per NCLT order dated 25.03.2022
Public Announcement
  1. Public Announcement
  2. Public Announcement (ET) dated 29.03.2022
  3. Public Announcement (Navbharat) dated 29.03.2022
  4. Public Announcement (Dainik Jagran) dated 29.03.2022
  5. Public Announcement (Business Standard-Hindi) dated 29.03.2022
  6. Public Announcement (Business Standard-English) dated 29.03.2022
Important communication from IRP
  1. Important communication to Home buyers for Claim filing timeline
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. FAQs for Home Buyers dated 07th April, 2022
  2. FAQs for Home Buyers dated 02nd April, 2022
  3. FAQs for Home Buyers dated 31st March, 2022
Claim Forms
  1. Form B- Operational Creditor
  2. Form C- Financial Creditor
  3. Form CA- Class of Financial Creditor
  4. Form D- Employees
  5. Form E- Authorized representative of Workmen/Employees
  6. Form F-Any Creditor other than Operational and Financial creditor
Profiles of Authorized representatives for Real estate allottees
  1. Kamlesh Taneja (IBBI/IPA-003/ICAI_N_00365/2021-2022/13796)
  2. Anju Agarwal (IBBI/IPA-001/IP-P00106/2017-2018/10213)
  3. Sanjeet Kumar Sharma (IBBI/IPA-001/IP-P01132/2018-2019/11827)

For submission of claims including claims from Real Estate Allottees, please go to

All financial creditors, including real estate allottees, shall submit their claims with proofs by electronic means only.

Queries for Claim & CIRP process

For CIRP or Claim Process related queries, please call +91 8904039001 between 10 am to 6 pm.

For queries related to construction or any other operational matter, please continue to reach out to respective customer relationship team.

Supertech Limited- Project-wise Collection Accounts
  1. Supertech Limited- Project-wise Collection Accounts

List of Projects under Supertech Ltd.