Shopprix Mall
Shopprix Mall

Welcome to Shopprix Mall, Ghaziabad

The Supertech Shopprix Mall in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, is a commercial project that combines retail and office spaces to create a versatile and convenient business and entertainment hub. Here are some key features and highlights of this project:

Location Advantages: The mall is conveniently located and easily accessible from both Delhi and Ghaziabad, making it a suitable destination for a wide range of people.

Retail and Office Spaces: The project offers a balanced mix of retail and office spaces. This makes it suitable for businesses looking for office setups as well as retail brands looking to establish their presence.

Entertainment Options: The mall provides popular entertainment options within its vicinity. This could include features like bowling alleys with 3 lanes, which can attract visitors looking for leisure activities.

Brands and Amenities: The retail floors are said to host acclaimed brands from both India and around the world. Additionally, the complex includes civic amenities such as banks and ATMs, catering to the convenience of visitors and employees.

Educational Institute: The inclusion of an educational institute within the complex suggests a diverse range of offerings, possibly contributing to the overall appeal of the space.

Food Court Variety: The food court promises a rich variety of cuisines, enhancing the dining experience for visitors. This can make the mall an attractive destination for food enthusiasts.

Specialized Office Spaces: The project seems to offer office spaces tailored to different needs, including those designed for process outsourcing companies. This flexibility can attract a diverse range of businesses.

Business Center: The presence of a business center suggests that the complex is equipped to accommodate professional conferences and gatherings, making it suitable for networking and business activities.

Multiplex: The inclusion of a multiplex within the complex can provide visitors with entertainment options beyond shopping and dining.

Separate Entry and Parking: The separate entry space for offices and ample parking space for both visitors and employees contribute to the convenience and functionality of the complex.

Supertech Shopprix Mall in Kaushambi appears to be a well-rounded commercial project offering a mix of retail, office, entertainment, and dining options. Its strategic location, amenities, and diverse offerings make it a promising destination for businesses, visitors, and patrons seeking a dynamic environment for both work and leisure.

  • StatusCompleted

  • AddressGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

  • OfferingRetail Properties



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